Reviews are in for Pokémon UNITE and most critics seem to be digging the game!

Reviews are in for Pokémon UNITE and most critics seem to be digging the game! Read on below to learn more:

Nintenderos – 87/100

Pokémon Unite is an almost perfect game, although it can be improved if The Pokémon Company knows how to take advantage of its possibilities. In fact, the future content will determine whether it will be another success of the popular franchise.

App Trigger – 85/100

Pokemon Unite busts out the gate as a very solid, very easy to pick up and play MOBA game. Even as someone who does not like MOBAs, I found myself getting really into the rounds and figuring out the tools quickly. Cute visuals, fun unlockables and a fun variety of play styles keep matches fresh and a quick chat feature helps avoid the toxicity that normally sticks to MOBAs like glue.

iMore – 80/100

Pokémon Unite is a surprisingly fun introduction to the MOBA genre, but it has microtransactions that verge on unacceptable.

TheGamer – 80/100

I have my nitpicks, although I’m not too proud to admit that they are drastically outweighed by my predilections. Pokemon Unite is a game I can see myself playing for a long time – just add Blastoise to the roster already, eh? I’m dying to see what a Unite move with massive reptilian shoulder cannons looks like.

Metro GameCentral – 60/100

An addictive and accessible MOBA which takes advantage of the Pokémon license to great effect but is hampered by an abundance of free-to-play irritations.


Pokemon Unite is fun enough so far when you’re actually in a round, especially as a practically instant free download with a non-obtrusive tutorial; but it feels like a progression wall is coming.