Pokémon Vivid Voltage – Booster Box


Pokémon – Sword & Shield 4 Vivid Voltage – Booster Box

Vivid Voltage is the fourth Pokémon TCG Sword & Shield starring Pikachu. The mythical Pokémon Zarude makes its first appearance in the Pokémon TCG along with other highly sought-after cards such as Pikachu VMAX, Orbeetle VMAX, and Coalossal VMAX.

Vivid Voltage also includes a new card type called “Amazing Pokémon” (known in Japan as Legendary Heartbeat). For example, the Amazing Pokémon Celebi contains a rainbow as a background that is also drawn outside the image. In addition, the Amazing Pokémon card also contains a special symbol.

Sword & Shield Vivid Voltage contains over 185 cards in total including:

  • 6 Amazing Pokemon
  • 6 Pokemon VMAX
  • 11 Pokémon V and 13 full-art Pokémon V
  • 16 Trainer cards and 7 full-art Supporter cards
  • 4 new Special Energy cards

A Boosterbox contains 36 booster packs of 10 cards.

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