Pokémon XY12 Evolutions – Booster Box



The Pokémon Evolutions Booster Box of the XY series is a box full of nonstalgia cards. Due to Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary, they have taken over the 1999 set with this expansion. In this set you can find the cards that used to be printed in a new jacket.


All trainers and Pokémon grow and evolve – and this expansion restores the very first Pokémon trading cards to glory! Featuring the exciting power of Mega Venusaur-EX, Mega Charizard-EX and Mega Blastoise-EX, plus some wild surprises like Dragonite-EX, Ninetales BREAK, Machamp BREAK and Mega Slowbro-EX, the classic hard-fighting Pokémon and old-school Trainers are being reinvented for a new generation. Ask Professor Oak to get started and reach new heights with the Pokémon TCG: XY – Evolutions expansion!

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