New Pokémon 25th anniversary cards revealed for the Pokémon TCG including full-art Surfing Pikachu V, Flying Pikachu V, Base Pikachu, Pikachu V-UNION, Flying Pikachu VMAX and Surfing Pikachu VMAX

The Pokémon Company recently revealed new V-UNION cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Surfing Pikachu V, Flying Pikachu V, Base Pikachu and Pikachu V-UNION are among the new cards that have been revealed for Pokémon’s 25th anniversary. Read on below to learn more:


Pokemon V-UNION is a powerful Pokemon V that fights in groups of four!

It’s neither a seed Pokemon nor an evolved Pokemon, and you can’t put it into play from your hand, but you can combine the four types of Pokemon V-UNION cards with the same name in your trash and put them on the bench as one Pokemon! A Pokemon V-UNION with the same name can only be put into play once during a match, but a Pokemon V-UNION with a different name can be put into play even if another Pokemon V-UNION is already in play. it can. Pokemon V-UNION has high HP and 4 powerful tricks, and when it is squeezed, the opponent can take 3 sides.

Mewtwo V-UNION

“Special Card Set Mewtwo V-UNION”, “Special Card Set Greninja V-UNION”, and “Special Card Set Zacian V-UNION” are available in Mewtwo V-UNION, Greninja V-UNION, and Zacian V, respectively. -Recorded as a promo card, one for each of the four types of cards used to put UNION into play. Mewtwo V-UNION has the characteristic “Photon Barrier” and is not affected by the tricks used by the opponent’s Pokemon. With the trick “Final Burn” that causes a large amount of damage of 300 and the trick “Psychoprosion” that allows you to put 16 bad cans on the opponent’s Pokemon as you like, you can efficiently make the opponent’s Pokemon squeak. Possible. In addition, you can accelerate energy with the trick “Union Gain” and recover your HP by “200” with the trick “Chosaisei”, and it is very powerful that you can use abundant tricks properly according to the situation! Special Card Set The Mewtwo V-UNION includes four types of Mewtwo V-UNION (cards) required to put the Mewtwo V-UNION (Pokemon) on the bench.

Greninja V-UNION

Greninja V-UNION has a trick “Tatsumaki Shuriken” that deals 100 damage to all of the opponent’s Bench Pokemon and a trick “Takishibari” that makes it impossible to hurt the opponent while dealing 180 damage, and interferes with the opponent’s strategy. You can fight while! The “Union Gain” trick that can accelerate energy and the “Aqua Edge” trick that can deal 130 damage with one water energy are also easy-to-use tricks depending on the situation. It also has three characteristics. You can see the opponent’s hand with the trait “Saguriashi”, the trait “Shinobi no Body” does not affect the goods used by the opponent from the hand, and the trait “Gedokujutsu” does not make you “Doku”. Special Card Set The Greninja V-UNION includes four types of Greninja V-UNION (cards) required to put the Greninja V-UNION (Pokemon) on the bench.

Zacian V-UNION

Zacian V-UNION has a very powerful “master blade” that can do a large amount of damage of 340 instead of trashing 3 attached energies! In addition, there is a trick “Kotetsu Slash” that deals 200 damage with 3 energies, and a trick “Kenou no Mai” that deals 150 damage while dealing “-150” damage to the opponent’s next turn. You can have and fight while using these powerful tricks properly according to the situation. You can also accelerate energy with the trick “Union Gain”. Special Card Set Zacian V-UNION includes 4 types of Zacian V-UNION (cards) required to put Zacian V-UNION (Pokemon) on the bench.

Other promo cards and product specifications

“Special Card Set Mewtwo V-UNION”, “Special Card Set Greninja V-UNION”, and “Special Card Set Zacian V-UNION” have one promo card “Dr. Burnett” and an expansion pack “Maten”. Contains 3 packs each of “Perfect” and “Aozora Stream”. Dr. Burnett can trash up to two of his favorite cards from his deck. It can be expected to play an active role in decks that make it easier to align Pokemon V-UNION with trash and actively use other trash.

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Source: The Pokémon Company